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Authentic Italian Pasta
Pasta is the foundation of exceptional Italian cuisine. In order for a meal to delight the palate, it must be made using the finest products. Anna Pasta is produced and packed in Italy using traditional methods of pasta production. The perfect blend of pure water and 100% durum wheat semolina creates a high quality nutritious product that is always consistent in taste, color and cooking time. This combination guarantees that Anna Pasta always cooks al dente, or firm in shape and rich in texture to aid in sauce absorption. From Anellini to Ziti, the Anna brand offers a complete pasta line of over 30 styles and cuts to satisfy your needs.

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Anna Gluten Free Pasta

Anna Gluten Free Pasta is all natural, product of Italy. Made with corn flour and rice flour, the pasta always cooks al dente, giving it traditional texture and taste. Anna Gluten Free Pasta is low in sodium and fat, making it the perfect choice for those living a gluten free lifestyle.

Whole Grain Pasta
Anna is proud to introduce its new line of Whole Grain pasta. The Authentic Italian taste is now available in Whole Grain. The packaging bears the 100% Whole Grain stamp from the Whole Grain Council. Made with 8 whole grains, this pasta offers a healthy option without sacrificing taste. Anna Whole Grain Pasta is available in a wide variety of cuts.
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