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Authentic Italian
Sweet delicacies have always played an important role in the culture and tradition of fine Italian cuisine. Italian desserts decorate tables at weddings, holiday parties, and many other family gatherings. The sweet pastries, cakes, and cookies symbolize the rich history of Italy, and recipes for these delights have been passed down through the generations. The La Florentine brand offers a variety of delicious confections from an extensive assortment of torrone nougat, as well as flavorful panettone and panforte.

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A traditional Italian dessert for centuries and is still popular today. Panettone cakes are most prevalent during the Christmas season and are often given as gifts. The sweet aroma of a fresh panettone is very recognizable to those familiar with the Italian treat. La Florentine Panettone is made from an original recipe and packed in Italy. Baked golden brown, each panettone has a light yellow center adorned with dried fruit.

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