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Anna is proud to introduce its new line of Whole Grain pasta. The Authentic Italian taste is now available in Whole Grain. The packaging bears the 100% Whole Grain stamp from the Whole Grain Council. Made with 8 whole grains, this pasta offers a healthy option without sacrificing taste. Anna Whole Grain Pasta is available in a wide variety of cuts.
Whole Grain Buck Wheat

• Provides nutrients, vitamins, energy, and fiber
• High levels of zinc, copper, manganese and potassium
• Source of protein
Whole Grain Kamut

• Higher levels of protein than common wheat
• More Vitamin E
Whole Grain Rye

• Helps fight off diabetes
• Helps prevent gallstones
• Helps to fight certain types of cancer
Whole Grain Barley

• Highest in fiber of all the whole grains
• Helps you feel fuller, longer 
• Helps control your weight
Whole Grain Millet

• Gluten free
• High in antioxidants
• High in magnesium
• Helps control blood sugar
Whole Wheat

• good source of fiber
• 25% more protein than traditional pasta
• Good source of antioxidants
Whole Grain Brown Rice

• Good source of selenium and magnesium
• Contains low cholesterol
Whole Grain Spelt

• Helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels
• Contains many vitamins and minerals
• Prevents high blood sugar levels

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